Karl Stefanovic has been called a “wimp” on television during a live cross on Sunrise with weatherman Sam Mac.

Sam was interviewing John, a Red Sun Camels tours operator in Broome, Western Australia for the company’s 22nd birthday.

The weatherman then asked John to name the “biggest wimp” to ever ride one of the camels and he certainly did not hold back.

“You’ve obviously had a lot of TV people, movie people; who’s been the biggest wimp on a camel in 22 years?” Sam asked.

“Oh, you’re going to love this… Karl Stefanovic,” John responded.

“We did the Today show many years ago. Lisa Wilkinson? Brave as all hell, could do anything. Karl? Nup, big girl with flowers.”

“I swear I didn’t set that up,”’ Sam said. “That’s not me trying to have some sort of petty rivalry. His words not mine. And the camels are a great judge of character, I heard.

“Nah good on ya Karl.”

Images: Sunrise/Today

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