Karl Stefanovic could not hide his hurt when it was revealed a colleague had “bagged him out” on social media on Friday morning. 

The Today show host, 45, walked off set during a live broadcast after being told his co-anchor Allison Langdon had seemingly made a hurtful tweet about him. 

Karl surprised viewers by calling out Langdon, 41, for making disparaging remarks about him and sports reporter Alex Cullen on Twitter. 

Following Alex's sports update, Karl said: “I don’t think they'd be alone in bagging colleagues out privately, obviously.”

“Yeah, it happens,” Alex solemnly responded. 

Karl went on to say: “It does happen, and it's not very nice. I've actually managed to intercept a tweet Ally sent Tim [Davies, Today's weather presenter], and this is what it says here.”

He then read aloud the hurtful Twitter post to his co-hosts and viewed at home.

“Hey Tim, I think Alex and Karl are LAZY and letting the team down. I'm so sick of carrying them every morning,” it read.

“So that's Allison Langdon to Tim. That's good, isn't it?” Karl said, bitterly.

“Alex added: “That hurts. That hurts me right in the bread basket.”

Allison defended her hurtful words: “Look, I stand by it!”

Karl then stood up and began to walk off set in protest, but stopped to confer with Alex, who was also pretending to have hurt feelings.

The pair swiftly moved on to talk about the NRL, and Allison went into a weather segment with Tim.

Karl's walk-off was revealed to simply be a joke, however, as a quick glance at Allison's verified Twitter account shows that she hasn't tweeted since May 29. 

There are several websites that allow users to generate “fake tweets”, which seems to be what the Today show producers did for the cheeky segment.

This article originally appeared on Over60.