A birthday surprise from his Today co-hosts has seen Karl Stefanovic reveal more about the dating past than he might have planned.

To celebrate his birthday, entertainment host Brooke Boney surprised him with a throwback photo from his school formal during Friday’s show.

Image: Today

But, when he was explaining who he took to the formal, a slip of the tongue left Stefanovic flustered and backtracking.

“That was Nola, she only agreed to come on the day of the formal because I couldn’t get a date,” Stefanovi said.

“Why, you were so cute,” Ally replied.

“I just wasn’t really into chicks, you know,” he answered before realising what he had said.

“I mean, no, I mean I was into sport. Oh my god!”

Image: Today

The team had plenty of fun teasing their co-host over the slip-up, with Brooke saying, “Whatever works, whatever you want”, and Ally adding, “No judgement”.

Ally pointed out that Karl “does love a shot of Chris Hemsworth”, referring to a shirtless photo of the Aussie actor.

As Brooke wrapped up her entertainment report, she quipped that hopefully his wife Jasmine hadn’t been watching the segment.

“She’s already texted, she’s not that surprised,” Ally cheekily replied.

Image: Today

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