Nat Barr has shared her hilarious last-minute fashion fix before appearing live on Sunrise.

The morning show host took to Instagram to share the behind-the-scenes reality from her ultra-glamorous role as a TV presenter.

Nat posed next to a Christmas tree in a seemingly fitted pale blue pantsuit, before turning around to show the thrown-together tailoring job.

The back of the blazer was haphazardly pulled together with a series of sewing pins, with Nat seeing the funny side of the DIY tailoring, writing, “Keeping it together before holidays,” while adding a laughing emoji.

A number of Nat’s diehard fans told her to watch out for the dressmaker pins in case she injures herself.

“Gorgeous, but be careful with those pins though!” one fan wrote.

Another added, “You won’t slouch with those pins!!”, while another appreciated her honesty of the showbiz world, writing, “Keeping it real!”

Nat’s alterations come just weeks after she admitted she would be open to plastic surgery, saying she would “never say never” to a nip and tuck.

“I think never say never. I haven’t had anything yet. I’ve been a bit scared, to be honest. But as I get older, I’m open to ideas,” she told The Daily Telegraph. 

Image credits: Instagram

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