The Voice was slammed by backlash this week, with many implying that the winner, Lachie Gill, won the singing contest due to his white privilege.

Lachie was crowned the winner on Sunday night, with the 24-year-old walking away with a Universal Music Australia recording contract and $100,000 prize money.

He was competing against Faith Sosene from Team Jess, Team Guy’s Jordan Tavita and Team Keith’s Thando Sikwil, who are all “people of colour”.

Fans on social media didn’t hold back, with many saying Lachie had the “weakest voice” but came out on top due to being the “only white person” in the final.

Runner-up Faith even weighed in on the controversy when congratulating Lachie, writing: “We already knew Australia was gonna love & pick you! You’re simply perfect for them.” Later altering the caption to say “you’re simply perfect.”

As a nod to her other finalists, she added that Thando, Jordan and herself will have to “work harder for our future generations to win. Off to work we go.”

Lachie opened up, dismissing these claims, saying that he knows there will always be ‘doubters’, but he refuses to join the conversation about how his race may have contributed to his win.

“I’m just really grateful to my fans who voted for me and have shown their support,” he said.

Images: Instagram

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