Spanish MasterChef fans have been left in shock after one of their contestants served an unplucked and uncooked partridge to the less than impressed judges.

27-year-old social worker Saray was reportedly unhappy with having to pluck and cook the bird for that week’s elimination challenge and defiantly decided to serve the bird as is.

She was already upset with previous harsh critiques she’d received from the judges and plated up the uncooked partridge with cherry tomatoes and dressing.

The clip has since been watched more than 1.8 million times on Twitter and shows Saray calmly delivering the uncooked bird to the judges.

Fans of the show were disgusted and thrilled by the drama and the incident spread quickly on Twitter.

A viewer tweeted: “MasterChef Spain is more exciting than the British version!

“Contestant serves up an uncooked, unplucked partridge because she's p***ed off that her effort in the previous round was rubbished by the judges.”

Another Spanish national sarcastically said: “This is the society that we are creating children-adults, crying, conceited, badly educated ……. Let's continue like this.”

This article originally appeared on Over60.