During their 12 days in London covering the death and funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, Sunrise hosts David Koch and Nat Barr have shown behind-the-scenes looks at the less glamorous aspects of being on the ground.

Taking to Instagram, Nat shared several clips of the “media city” that had been set up to house journalists, film crews, and other media workers from outlets across the world.

In one clip, Nat gave a tour of the Sunrise tent and setup, including a glimpse at the “key to entry” on her wrist.

“You go nowhere without these two little wristbands,” she said.

“This is backstage,” she continued over footage of a sea of tents, before arriving “home” at their tent, where Kochie was spotted getting his makeup done and crew members set up for the next live cross.

The Sunrise co-host revealed that the simple black chairs they were using were from “a camping store in central London” and were “really uncomfortable”.

Meanwhile, Kochie shared a suite of behind-the-scenes photos of life reporting from London, which he called a “highlight of my career” and an “extraordinary 12 days of filming”.

“But life on the road is NOT as glamorous as you may think,” he added.

The photos he shared included a camera operator who was caught asleep on several eskies while another slept on the ground with a jumper covering his eyes, which Kochie captioned, “Sleep when you can”.

In another, Nat was seen performing a back and neck stretch, with her head tilted up to the sky, in front of Buckingham Palace, with Kochie revealing that the black chairs they were using had “stuffed” her neck and back.

“The best co-host – smart, witty, normal,” he said of Nat.

“Sitting on stools for so long stuffed Nat’s back and neck, and this was an exercise from the osteo.”

Kochie went on to credit the show’s royal editor, Rob Johnson, who juggled working for Sunrise with US commentating and writing for UK newspapers and was photographed asleep on a chair in the tent.

“Rob Jobson’s schedule was unbelievable … an absolute professional,” he said.

Nat also shared her appreciation for the work the team put in to cover the Queen’s passing, describing it as “such a privilege” and sharing photos of herself getting her hair done, performing back stretches, and the crew filming her.

Image: @natalie_barr7 (Instagram)

This article first appeared on OverSixty.