After his tense and fiery quarter-final defeat at the hands of Rafael Nadal at Indian Wells – where Kyrgios dragged Stiller into things while venting his considerable frustration over the behaviour of unruly spectators – Australia’s bad boy of tennis has kept things going with Stiller in a series of social media exchanges.

Kyrgios has actually had the nerve to come out and ask point blank if he could star alongside Stiller in his next film – and the response appears to be. . . yes!

Stiller sent a message to Kyrgios on Twitter following his loss to Nadal: “Great match today.”

Kyrgios responded on Sunday with: “Thanks. Maybe we can start working on the next film together, I think I got some acting in me. How is your tennis?”

Stiller followed that up with a reply on Monday morning. “I could use some help with my serve but maybe a new doubles team? We can discuss it on set …” he wrote.

Of his loss to Nadal, Kyrgios said in a post-match press conference: “This one hurts, because I know that no matches that I played before this are going to get talked about, and it’s been the story of my career.”

“I played three bloody good matches. I beat one of the guys that had like nearly 60 wins last year and no one remembered that. And everyone will just remember that time where Kyrgios lost to Rafa at Indian Wells or the time that he threw the racquet.”

Kyrgios is referring to a moment after shaking hands with Nadal and the umpire, when he smashed his racquet into the ground. It then flew off and nearly hit a ballkid, who ducked out of the way just in time.

Kyrgios later made amends by contacting the ballkid, tracking him down at the courts, and gifting him a tennis racquet.

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