Kochie has been left extremely red faced on Sunrise this week, after a clip emerged that showed him and co-host Nat Barr attempting a little light-hearted banter with a lucky competition winner.

In a snippet doing the rounds on social media, Kochie and Nat are seen interacting with the very happy winner of a cruise, Sunrise viewer Christine Linn from South Australia.

“How would you like to go cruising’!” Kochie asks enthusiastically before instructing Christine to make her way to her front door so that she can be filmed for the TV segment.

Appearing in a Hawaiian Lei with tropical cocktail in hand, Christine appears to be overjoyed that she’s won the valuable prize.

“Tell us who you’re going to take!” Nat Barr chimes in excitedly.

This is where the segment takes a turn for the worst, when Christine reveals she will be taking her husband along with her on the holiday. Kochie then proceeds to ask, “Why?” – all while laughing good-naturedly.

“Um. He’s got terminal cancer,” Christine replies as the hosts’ animated expressions instantly fall.

You can watch this extremely cringy moment unfold here:

The awkward clip has been doing the rounds, with one user even sharing they watched it “15 times in a row”.

“The atmosphere has turned rather sour,” another wrote.

“skskskskrjdjdjs NOOO!” another exclaimed.

The footage was so awkward, it even made its way to parody Twitter account Accidental Partridge, which highlights awkward live broadcast moments from around the world.

Image: Sunrise

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