Wendy Harmer has named and shamed the celebrity that left her feeling “very unimpressed” during a combative interview.

The former 2DayFM and ABC Radio Sydney host has interviewed famous faces from all over the world during her decades-long career, but one US celebrity apparently treated her “like trash” when they met.

Spilling her secrets on on the latest episode of The Matty Johns Podcast, Harmer admitted that late megastar Meatloaf was the “biggest a**hole” she came across.

“Oh my god, what an obnoxious person he was,” she told him.

“He came in to co-host the show one day on 2DayFM. He just treated me like trash, talked over the top of me, didn’t look at me … I just found him incredibly rude.”

“I was very unimpressed with Meatloaf.”

Harmer also shared a funny anecdote about meeting and interviewing Jennifer Lopez while she was in Australia for a press junket.

Harmer described how they spoke with her make-up artist first, who was gushing over her “fabulous” boss, telling them, “You know, she has a real natural look to her make-up, we don’t have to do too much because she’s such a natural beauty.”

But once Lopez came out for the interview to commence, Harmer said there was a moment where the make-up artist sort of “slapped her face”.

“And poof, a whole cloud of white powder… She looked like a skunk with two raisins for eyes, I swear to God,” the broadcaster joked.

“It was like her facial features had been taken away and put in the witness protection program.”

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This article first appeared on Over60.