Prince Harry has been grilled in an intense interview, as he has been forced to explain why he decided to expose secrets of the royal family in his tell-all memoir.

The Duke of Sussex sat down with Tom Bradby for Britain’s ITV to discuss the release of Spare, as the journalist asked a series of hard-hitting questions the public has wanted to know ever since Harry and Meghan took a step back as senior royals.

“The thing that’s saddest is it never needed to be this way – it never needed to get to this point,” said Harry.

“None of this is intentionally to harm anyone in my family.”

Bradby, who has been a close friend of the royal family, hit back at Harry’s claims saying, “But the portrait of your brother in the book is harmful to him.”

His comment is in reference to the allegations made by Harry in Spare that William once initiated a physical confrontation between the brothers.

The journalist also suggested what William’s defence may be to some of Harry’s accusations, prompting a frustrated Harry to hit back that it was merely “a list of assumptions you’re making”.

Despite the extensive criticism, Harry said he is open to a reconciliation with his family, although he doesn’t believe his father or brother are going to read his book.

“I really hope they do, but I don’t think they will. And with regard to this interview, I don’t know if they’ll be watching this or not – but what I have to say to them, and what they have to say to me, will be in private and I hope it can stay that way.”

Bradby replied bluntly saying, “People might say, you’ve destroyed any chance of a reconciliation.”

Harry responded, “Well, they’ve shown absolutely no willingness to reconcile up until this point and I’m not sure how honesty is burning bridges. Silence only allows the abuser to abuse. So I don’t know how staying silent is gonna make things better. That’s genuinely what I believe.”

Image credits: ITV

This article first appeared on Over60.