A mum from Sydney’s east could hardly believe it after it was revealed she had won Thursday night’s $50 million Powerball draw.

The woman was the only division one winning entry and matched all the winning numbers 18, 30, 16, 29, 6, 33 and 35 along with the Powerball, 4.

She revealed that she nearly didn’t buy a Powerball entry either, receiving hers from CTC Eastern in Maroubra.

“The weather has been absolutely crap and so I wasn’t even going to buy a ticket because I didn’t want to go out. I also thought there’s no way I would be the winner,” she said.

“But at the last minute, I had to duck out so I thought I would try my luck.

“Then yesterday (Sunday) I checked the winning numbers because I heard someone had won from the outlet I bought a ticket at.”

The mother told Yahoo she couldn’t “believe it” when she discovered her win, saying that he and her husband are “in a state of shock.”

“It’s thrown everything upside down in the best possible way. It’s a dream come true,” she said.

“There’s no way I will sleep until I see the money in my bank account. Even then, I don’t think I will sleep! This is far too exciting.

“We are still trying to get our heads around it. It’s so hard to comprehend that we’re multi-millionaires.

“It’s going to drastically change our lives. It’s crazy, completely crazy.”