Rebel Wilson is the star of a new comedy film, Senior Year, on Netflix.

The Aussie actress plays the role of Stephanie, a 17-year-old popular high school cheerleader with a hot boyfriend – and she knows she is about to win the title of prom queen.

Things take a different turn for Stephanie when during the pyramid stunt she falls and knocks herself unconscious.

Fast forward 20 years later, Stephanie finally wakes up from a coma and is determined to return to high school.

The now 37-year-old wants to finish off senior year and win the title of prom queen that she had dreamt of for years.

However, things aren’t quite what they were, with Stephanie realising she can’t go back to what her high school experience was.

She asks a group of students how to become popular but it just doesn’t cut it for Stephanie who soon enough realises that maybe it is time for a change.

Senior Year comes out on Netflix on May 13.

Image: Netflix

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