Fans of Bert Newton have been extremely anxious after news of the TV legend having to have his leg amputated broke on Monday.

However, close family friends Rhonda Burchomroe and Red Symons have confirmed that Newton is maintaining his happy outlook on life despite the operation.

“I mean I was as shocked as anyone yesterday when I heard the news,” Burchmore said.

“He is cracking jokes, apparently, with all the medical staff.

“He has been in my life and been such a mentor and support for so many people through all the years.

“I am sure if anyone can kind of move on and do incredible things he will.”

The 82-year-old entertainment legend is diabetic and has suffered numerous health issues, including undergoing a quadruple heart bypass in 2012.

Symons said that the family has high hopes that Newton would be able to continue with his entertainment career.

“I guess moving forward, we hope that he is able to come back and work. If he doesn’t what a massive body of work that he has,” Symons said.

This article originally appeared on Over60.