Gavin MacLeod, the cheerful actor who played Captain Stubing in the TV show The Love Boat, has died at age 90.

The star’s stepdaughter, Stephanie Steele Zalin, said the actor’s health had been going well until recently.

“He had one of the most amazing, fun blasts of a life of anybody I know. He enjoyed every minute of it,” Ms Zalin said.

“I don’t even think in his wildest dreams he dreamt of the life that he ended up having and creating.”

Ms Zalin said her famous dad was the “best, sweetest, purest guy”.

MacLeod achieved international success when he landed the romantic comedy, The Love Boat, which often featured A-lister guest stars including Gene Kelly and Janet Jackson.

The series remained a popular program for 11 seasons, despite criticism.

MacLeod would go on to appear in the several TV movie spin-offs, where he remained at the cruise ship’s helm.

“The critics hated it. They called it mindless TV, but we became goodwill ambassadors,” he revealed to the Los Angeles Times in 2013.

MacLeod’s loveable, cheery screen persona could not have contrasted more to his personal life, admitting in his 2013 memoir, This Is Your Captain Speaking that he had struggled with alcoholism in the 1960s and 1970s.

While speaking with the Associated Press in 2013, MacLeod expressed how “grateful” he was.

He became a born-again Christian after surviving two heart attacks.

“That’s a big word in my life. I’m just so grateful I’ve had another day, another day, another day, and that my kids are doing so well,” he said.

MacLeod had four children with his former wife, Joan Rootvik, before they divorced in 1972.

MacLeod is survived by his children, three stepchildren, 10 grandchildren and his first great-grandchild.

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