The critically acclaimed opera Madama Butterfly is back and viewers are in for one hell of a ride as the story plays out on Sydney’s stunning harbour.

Patrons sit on the Fleet Steps at Mrs Macquarie’s Point where they are blessed with the stunning backdrop of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House, and a surprise firework display, as Madama Butterfly plays out on the water.

The phenomenal performance is sung in Italian with English subtitles, and tells the story of Cio Cio San, also known as Madama Butterfly, who falls in love with American naval officer Pinkerton.

Madama Butterfly sings of her woes as she grew up poor and had to work as a geisha to make ends meet.

She is soon set up with the rich Pinkerton by Goro the marriage broker, who warns him that Madama Butterfly has strong feelings toward him.

Pinkerton however dismisses the warnings and believes that one day he will have a “genuine” marriage to an American woman.

After they get married, Pinkerton leaves for three years, promising to return back to Madama Butterfly “when the robins nest”.

Madama Butterfly is told by her faithful servant Suzuki and others to give up hope and that Pinkerton would not come back for her to which she disagrees and stays waiting.

One day, Madama Butterfly hears a cannon shot from the harbour indicating that Pinkerton had returned.

She waits all night for him to come home, only to rise and not find him and be informed he had taken on another wife who is American.

This agitates Madama Butterfly who gives up her son to Pinkerton’s new wife before committing suicide.

This outstanding performance is not one to be missed and is held every night until April 23.

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