The Queen, along with other members of the royal family have shared a “Happy Birthday” message via her social media account for her great-grandson Archie’s second birthday.

But royal fans have discovered a “sad” detail, as the photos used by the family include a snub.

“Wishing Archie Mountbatten-Windsor a very happy 2nd birthday today,” the caption on the monarch’s post read.

The photo was of the Sussex family, which was taken two years ago when Archie was first introduced to the world.

William and Kate chose a large family photo from Archie’s Christening, while the Clarence House account of Charles and Camilla also used a photo from the same day, but appear to have cut Meghan out of the snap.

Now royal fans have pointed out how ‘awkward’ it is that the old images seemed to be the only ones there were to use for the birthday posts.

“Is that the only photo they have, taken two years ago?” one person asked.

“Happy birthday to Her Majesty’s grand child. (Sad this page can’t use more recent pic.)” another also noted.

While a third wrote: “It’s sad that The Royal Family doesn’t have an updated photo of Archie. The heartbreak… 😢”

“Very sad state of affairs when the supposed future king cuts the mother of his grandchild out of the photo with which he chooses to share. Yes, they haven’t seen Archie for over 12mnths, but to not include Meghan,” was another comment.

Meghan and Harry have made a touching request of the public on their son Archie’s second birthday, saying they “cannot think of a more resonant way” to honour him.

In a statement published on their website titled “Join Us in Advocating for Vaccine Equity on Archie’s Birthday”, they invited people to “contribute whatever you can — if you have the means to do so — to bring vaccines to families in the world’s most vulnerable places.”

The Duke of Duchess of Sussex said they had been “deeply touched over the past two years” to feel the “warmth and support” offered to their family on their son’s birthday.

They also acknowledged those who donate to charities on their behalf during monumental occasions, saying they were “incredibly grateful”.

Meghan and Harry, who are campaign chairs for the Tax Live concert to raise money for vaccine access, said that $5 could “cover the cost of a dose for someone in need”.

The couple have secured matching support from several organisations so that every $5 donated up to $3 million will automatically turn into $20, funding four vaccine doses.

The California-based royals noted: “While some places are on the verge of healing, in so many parts of the world, communities continue to suffer. As of today, around 80 percent of the nearly one billion COVID-19 vaccine shots that have been given were administered in wealthier countries. While we may feel that normalcy is around the corner, we remind ourselves that in much of the world, and especially in developing countries, vaccine distribution has effectively yet to start.”

Donations to Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance can be made via advocacy group Global Citizen.

“We cannot think of a more resonant way to honour our son’s birthday,” the pair added. “If we all show up, with compassion for those we both know and don’t know, we can have a profound impact. Even a small contribution can have a ripple effect.”

This article originally appeared on Over60.