Rumours of a feud between Samantha Armytage and her former Sunrise colleagues continue to swirl, and for the first time ever she is speaking up about it.

Samantha desperately made clear she wants to put all the rumours to bed and has done so through her recent Instagram stories.

The former TV host shared a series of pictures to promote her former colleague’s latest book, Accidental Weatherman.

Samantha gushed over the body of work, and mentioned how she is connected to the novel.

Samantha’s dog Banjo got his few minutes of fame after being mentioned in Sam’s book.

“Banjo Armytage mentioned on pages 4, 7, 9, 11 and 148” the former TV host said.

Sam has made it clear she is on friendly terms with all of her Sunrise co-workers, but has not been able to quell suggestions of a rift between herself and her replacement Natalie Barr.

Rumours began to simmer again after the current host spoke with TV WEEK about her new role.

Readers claimed she was clearly throwing some not-so-subtle shade at her predecessor.

Speaking with the publication, Natalie said: “Sam’s [Armytage] happy she’s not doing the hours and is happy living a quieter life, definitely.”

Natalie, 53, went on to speak candidly about how she copes with the new attention she is garnering from her position.

“I think people get sick of people who work in TV complaining about the attention,” she said.

“I’ve turned off all these notifications on my Twitter feed.”

Sam Mac recently spoke out about the revolving door that is morning television with Yahoo!.

“Shuffling is just part of breakfast TV.” he told the publication.

Sam then went on to speak about Samantha’s departure and how it has impacted the show.

“You know, I miss Sam (Armytage), I think Sam was wonderful on the show, and we’re friends and it’s a big loss. But at the same time, Nat can do the show and she has done the show so many times.

“She’s always been the news person and now she’s in the host seat and I think it’s breathed a little bit of freshness into the show as well.”

Image: Instagram