Sunrise fans could not contain their excitement when Samantha Armytage revealed she was engaged to Richard Lavender last year.

What fans couldn’t prepare for however was the surprise wedding that they found out about just after NYE.

While she has been slow to reveal details, the 44-year-old has finally taken to social media to share some of the photographs taken at her Southern Highlands wedding.

Taken by photographer Abbie Mellé, Sam can be seen posing alongside her new hubby, looking as loved up as ever.

The TV host also returned to Sunrise Monday morning, and revealed all the details about the intimate ceremony – including their dash to tie the knot.

“Three days before we decided we’d do it for New Year’s Eve,” Sam, who explained to her co-hosts.

“We did it, we got it done, it was a little bit stressful for me but Rich was very relaxed.”

“It was dad, my dad, we were all sitting around, at Christmas time as you do, having a few drinks and dad said because of COVID and everyone’s in lockdown… dad said just do it!”

Sam’s co-host David Koch even joked the reason the pair wed in such haste was because it was a “shotgun wedding.”

Sam and Richard tied the knot in front of a small group of immediate family and friends at midday on December 31st on Richard’s sprawling 40-hectare property in Bowral NSW.

This article originally appeared on Over60.