Sam Newman has been crucified on social media after he called US President-elect Joe Biden “mentally retarded” in a tweet that was swiftly deleted moments later.

Newman was let go from his media gig earlier this year when he made offensive comments about George Floyd.

This time, the Australian media personality has possibly topped the cake with his latest controversy.

The 74-year-old went berserk on Twitter on Sunday after Biden was declared the winner of the US election.

“Great day for inclusion and diversity,” Newman said.

“Shows someone who is mentally retarded and has special needs, can attain high office. Congratulations, Joe Biden.”

The comments were blasted by hundreds of people, with several labelling him “vile” and others calling for his account to be shut down.

Newman was slammed in June for calling Floyd “a piece of s***” in a scathing attack after AFL players supported the Black Lives Matter movement by kneeling before games.

That crude comment got him sacked and his latest controversy follows just days after comedian Dave Hughes copped a lashing for accidentally mocking Biden’s stutter.

“Joe Biden just had a mad struggle stringing sentences together. Is it the autocue?” Hughes wrote on Twitter.

He deleted the tweet and quickly apologised.

“I genuinely didn’t know Biden has always had a speech impediment. Good on him. Thanks for the heads up,” Hughes said.

“I was commenting on Joe’s struggle to read the autocue.

“I didn’t think it had anything to do with a stutter.

Sorry for my ignorance.”

This article originally appeared on Over60.