Samantha Armytage has revealed details surrounding her intimate wedding to Richard Lavender on New Year’s Eve.

The 44-year-old TV star and her businessman beau tied the knot in front of only a small number of guests on his 40-hectare Southern Highlands, NSW, property.

Taking to her Instagram stories on Thursday night, the Sunrise host gave some advice and answered questions asked by curious fans.

While she insisted she is “not a wedding planner”, the star did give some great suggestions to the fan and also revealed a photo of her adorable dog, Banjo, who adorably acted as best man on the day.

“Have the people you love there (the ones who aren’t in lockdown) the true friends,” she wrote.

“Keep it simple. Good quality Champagne, good quality food, good music (find a fabulous 14-year-old who can arrange a kick-ass playlist) and most importantly good quality husband.”

Sam wore a simple yet chic Carla Zampatti long-sleeved white dress for her wedding, and also told her fan to “wear whatever you bloody like”.

“Above all, love and be loved on the day,” she finished.

Sam returned to the Sunrise desk in January, and revealed on air that they planned their nuptials in just three days.

“Three days before we decided we’d do it for New Year’s Eve,” she said.

“We did it, we got it done, it was a little bit stressful for me but Rich was very relaxed.

“It was dad, my dad, we were all sitting around, at Christmas time as you do, having a champagne and beer on the verandah, and dad said because of COVID and everyone’s in lockdown…dad said ‘just do it, for god’s sake, just do it,’ so we did it!”

“It was nice, there was 12 of us there, we organised it in three days and it was fun.”

Sam first announced the couple’s engagement on June 21, 2020.

Back in September, Sam told The Daily Telegraph that she had shelved all plans for the big day due to coronavirus rules making it “impossible” to plan the perfect day the couple wanted.

“Because we want to have a party with more than 20 people, we have sort of put it on hold,” she said.

“We will get married but put the planning on hold because there is no point until we can actually make a proper plan in booking anything,” she continued.

“So no plans yet but we will get there.”

This article originally appeared on Over60.