Studio 10 host Sarah Harris has unveiled the results of a dramatic-year-long body transformation in a stunning cover shoot for the latest Stellar Magazine.

The mother-of-two overhauled her fitness routine in mid-2019 and has since lost 6kg – but as she tells Stellar’s Angela Mollard, the aim was always straight, fitness and mental health, rather than weight loss.

“It wasn’t about losing weight but getting stronger. Carrying two heavy boys [sons Paul, 4, and Harry, 2] had put a huge strain on my back. So last year, after quite a while of having my back taped, I started running and strengthening my core. This is the only body I’ve got, so I want to take care of it,” she told Stellar.

“In the past, body image has affected my mental health so I don’t want to put the message out there that you should be able to snap back to your [pre-baby] body,” she says. “I’m in awe of what my body has done. I’ve not only grown these two awesome kids, but birthed them as well … Women are phenomenal. We have to get off our own backs. If I can pass that on to the sisterhood, that’s one of the lessons I’ve learnt.”

The 39-year-old began working out with the help of a personal trainer, taking up pilates and becoming a regular runner.

Harris said running “helps with my anxiety”.

She also opened up about Studio 10’s on-air cull, which saw Kerri-Anne Kennerley axed and Harris’ “TV husband” Joe Hildebrand replaced with Tristan McManus.

The TV host confirmed a rumour which claimed Harris asked for a pay cut so Hildebrand could stay, one that was declined. 

“I’m fiercely protective of Joe,” she says. “He’s my brother. That’s what families do.”

This article originally appeared on Over60.