A fast-thinking member of the Biden household captured the moment Joe Biden learned he had won the 2020 election.

Biden was with family members in his home in Delaware where he learned he would be the 46th President of the United States.


His grandchildren were the ones who broke the good news to Biden, as he was relaxing with his wife Jill on their veranda.

“Pop, Pop! We won!” they told the now-president-elect, according to NBC News.

Despite Biden being in a “cautious mood” before his victory was announced, he's celebrating now and has pushed forward with his plans for office.

In the first steps in his transition plans, there would be more COVID-19 testing and Americans would be asked to wear masks.

He also announced that there will be a focus on the economy, with plans to tackle racism and climate change.

In his first speech as president-elect on Saturday, Mr Biden said it was “time to heal” the US and vowed “not to divide but to unify” the country. Addressing Trump supporters directly, he said: “We have to stop treating our opponents as enemies.”

However, current US President Donald Trump is yet to concede, despite Biden congratulating him on a hard-fought campaign.

Trump has vowed to contest the election results on several fronts, with a recount being held in Georgia and plans for the same outcome in Wisconsin.

Trump has also vowed to take legal action to the Supreme Court, alleging voting fraud without evidence.

This article originally appeared on Over60.