David Koch wore bright red lipstick in an interview on Sunrise on Monday morning- all for a good cause.

The Sunrise host wore the bold colour while interviewing model Jett Kenny, the son of sporting greats Grant Kenny and Lisa Curry.

Jett also put on red lipstick mid-interview as part of the Lip-Stick It campaign – an initiative that encourages Aussie men to wear lipstick on May 11 to raise awareness and help raise funds for women’s mental health support services.

“Less than half of the women experiencing mental health are seeking help,” Jett said on Sunrise.

The initiative comes after the tragic death of Jett’s sister Jaimi, who had passed away three years ago from mental health issues.

Ever since then Jett had vowed to raise awareness and funding for the cause, and is now the inaugural ambassador for the Lip-Stick It campaign.

“Encouraging those people to just talk about it and having the strength that they might need to voice what they are going through. I think that was the biggest thing I found was they were so reserved, or she [Jaimi] was so reserved talking about her issues and her struggles”, Jett said.

He added that, although not everyone with mental health issues experiences the same thing, he wants to encourage women to “just speak about it”.

Kochie then told Jeff to “whack on the lippie”, as they talked about the campaign further.

“I was trying to [apply lipstick] the other day and it is quite difficult. I might look like the Joker while I do this,” Jett told Kochie.

“A lot of people think I look like the Joker without the lipstick,” Kochie quipped.

Jokes aside, Jett then told the Sunrise host how proud he was to launch the campaign and support the women in their lives.

“It’s our chance for us men to get behind the women that we love and support and show that we care,” Jett said.

“If all it takes is to put on some red lipstick to start a conversation, and talk about it, I feel like it’s the least we can do.

“It’s a big thing, not only for myself but for a lot of people. It could be happening to a person you work with, someone you know, but they you know – might not be talking about it because they don’t feel comfortable to do so,” he added.

Jaimi died on September 14, 2020, following an 18-year battle with alcohol addiction and an eating disorder.

She died at Sunshine Coast University Hospital and was surrounded by her family at the time of her death.

In late January, Lisa Curry posted an emotional tribute to her eldest daughter in honour of her memory.

Images: Sunrise on 7

This article first appeared on Over60.