It's inspirational, it's beautiful and it's the ultimate opera venue. This week, Opera Australia is launching a world first – a silent opera on the steps of Sydney's most iconic building.

Can it get more intriguing? Oh yes! This is an opera about building the Sydney Opera House. And for those of us who were around in Sydney during the 1970s, you will recall the dramas. It is a story that could only happen in real life.

Taking place from 28 October to 5 November, the 100-metre wide steps of the Sydney Opera House will transform into an opera stage where a huge cast, chorus and orchestra will perform live.

A massive ensemble of Opera Australia's artists will perform the story of building the Sydney Opera House, which is the world’s first large-scale, live silent opera, where you can listen to a new Australian classic through special earphones.

The story of the Sydney Opera House has more twists and turns than most operas: this is a tale you couldn’t make up. The architect walked out. The Premier died. The costs ballooned and the fate of one of the world’s most iconic buildings hung in the balance.

The Eighth Wonder is a quintessential Australian story, revealing the hopes and dreams, triumphs and failures of the artists, politicians and people of the time. Charting the dramatic creation of the world’s most famous building, scenes span from Mexico to Denmark to the Royal Yacht to a Sydney backyard.

The audience will sit under the stars looking up at the magnificent sails while the sound is transmitted to the 3,000 strong audience through state-of-the-art Audio Technica headphones.

Soprano Stacey Alleaume performs an excerpt from Sydney Opera House — The Opera (The Eighth Wonder)

The giveaway to win double passes to the show has ended.

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