The Irwin family have been a household name for decades, and a new rumoured Netflix documentary about the beloved family is set to ensure they’ll be one for years to come.

According to New IdeaTerri Irwin has a “treasure trove of VHS tapes” that are about key moments in the lives of her family.

“Terri has had a recorder permanently attached to her for years,” tells the insider.

“She’s been documenting almost every moment of Bindi and Robert’s lives. She’ll likely have it in the birthing suite, too, when Bindi has her baby!”

“Terri’s one step ahead of the game, as usual, and is pulling it all together for a really lush documentary. TV networks would write blank cheques for some of the stuff she has!” the insider continued.

According to the insider, Terri often looks at the family videos as they are some of the last moment she had with late husband Steve.

“She loves how some big stars have had their own stories produced for Netflix and would like to give her story the same treatment – she knows it’s what fans would enjoy,” they added.

While it is something fans might enjoy, there is one Irwin that could put a stop to it before it’s even aired.

“Steve’s father, Bob, would take real issue with this,” says the insider. “He’s always had it in his head that Terri commercialised Australia Zoo and made it into this big theme park, which he felt was her selling out the family’s conservation mission.

“I doubt he’d be too happy about her turning private moments with his only son into a big production. Bob himself will be in some of those old movies – he would definitely not give over permission to be included.”

This article originally appeared on Over60.