The details surrounding the new series of The Chase Australia have finally been revealed.

Larry Edmur will be hosting the show of course, The Morning Show’s entertainment reporter Peter Ford told viewers on Tuesday morning.

The exciting announcement also revealed that the program would debut during the Olympics, on Monday July 26 at 5.30 pm on Channel 7.

Larry wasn’t too sure if he should be popping on a pair of Speedos to fit in with the Olympic scene, but thankfully we believe he may just keep them tucked away in his closet.

The star went on to tell viewers what they can expect from this year’s series.

“We’re so excited to launch this series seriously, the contestants are fantastic, the Chasers are in such good form, and we’re really excited to have that release date,” he said.

When Kylie mentioned that the show is set to premiere in two weeks Larry said, “I feel confident that we’ll remind you about that between now and then”.

This article originally appeared on Over60.