That’s right – Australia’s favourite family are back and you can catch up with all of them by watching the new season of Back To The Rafters on Amazon Prime Video.

You can take a look at the trailer here which gives you a taste for what’s in store for our beloved Rafters with the return of the series.

The new series will show us what’s happening with Julie (Rebecca Gibney) and Dave Rafter (Erik Thomson) and their loveable, if sometimes complicated, children.

When last we left off, Dave and Julie had sold the family home to pay off Grandpa Ted’s (Michael Caton) gambling debt. They decided to turn lemons into lemonade, so they hit the road in their green kombi van to travel around Australia with their late-in-life baby, Ruby.

So, where are they now, six years later?

In a new trailer, we catch our first glimpse of what the family are up to. But it’s not looking completely rosy, Julie and Dave have settled outside of Sydney in the quaint country town of Buradeena.

A brief return to the city unveils a whole host of problems in their family and Julie realises she wants to return to Sydney to help her children with their troubles.

In one tense scene, Julie is seen telling her husband she wants to “move back” while he asks her to stay.

In another, the pair are seen arguing in front of Ben’s house, with Julie tearfully telling him: “We’re drifting, Dave.”

Could there be trouble brewing just when the couple are about to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary?

In the meantime, Nathan (Angus McLaren) still seems to be struggling to have the life he’s always wanted. He’s living in Sydney with his son Edward (Kaspar Frost), from his previous marriage to Saskia (Lauren Clair).

“My life has just fallen apart mum,” the single dad tearfully tells Julie in one scene.

Ben (Hugh Sheridan) is happily married to a new character, Cassie (Haiha Le), and hoping to start his own family. However, the trailer hints at baby dramas, with the couple seen fighting over children and their future together.

Rachel, formerly played by Jessica Marais and now played by Georgina Haig, briefly appears in the trailer. However, we’re yet to see what’s in store for her as she’s now living in New York and leads what seems like a secretive life.

As the years have gone by, Ruby is now played by Willow Speers and we see her maturing into a young girl.

“One stage of growing up, is realising your parents are just as vulnerable as you,” her mother tells her in the trailer.

While some things have changed, others remain same. Carbo (George Houvardas) is back and living the dream as a social media influencer. Donna (Merridy Eastman) is working with Ben and she’s as flustered as she ever was by all of his shenanigans.

Thankfully, the family is still celebrating all of their milestone moments at the Shanghai Express.

The new six-part series for Packed To The Rafters premieres on September 17th, with all six seasons of the original shows available to stream now on Amazon Prime Video.

Photos: Amazon Prime Video

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