Anthony Field has been the Blue Wiggle for over 30 years, but a bombshell revelation may have us all watching his performances with a closer eye.

The star children’s performer admitted he has been miming the whole time.

The Wiggles was co-founded in 1991, and Field remains the lost standing member of the original group.

However, despite his decades of experience, the star revealed he doesn’t sing like his co-stars Lachlan Gillespie, Simon Pryce and Emma Watkins.

“I never sing. For years, I’ve mimed,” he told Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa.

“Believe it or not, I mimed Simon’s (baritone-style) voice for years.

“I have this low voice and people would ask me to sing in public and they’d be very disappointed.”

Field, who is also known for his guitar skills, joked his admission was like the Milli Vanilli 1989 scandal when the RnB duo was caught lip-syncing after a technical glitch during a live show.

Field came on the show after the announcement that four new members – Tsehay Hawkins, Evie Ferris, John Pearce, and Kelly Hamilton – would be joining the group.

The expanded line-up was announced on Sunday for a new YouTube exclusive – Fruit Salad TV.

Fruit Salad TV seeks to inspire a diverse audience with its gender balanced and diverse cast,” the group said.

“The Wiggles aim to motivate the child viewer to sing, dance and be active participants in the story of the day.”

The new members will don the same coloured skivvies as the other members of the band.

Kelly will wear yellow, John is in purple, Tsehay dresses in red and Evie is in blue.

This article first appeared on Over60.