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Highlights from this week's show:

snoringIs snoring ruining your marriage?
It divides couples, it’s annoying and it’s even downright unhealthy – but what can be done about snoring? Find out here
gardenerThe constant gardener
A new book details the special story of a garden – and a friendship between one of Australia’s most significant public figures, and her gardener of 40 years. Read more
FijiFiji – a simple holiday in the sun
Pack your shorts and swimmers and head for the tropics!
Here's where to explore
ChocolateIn Praise Of… Chocolate
Whether you like it sweet, bitter, dark or in a cake, rediscover chocolate as the special indulgence that it should be. Read more
How to create a play zone at your place (that looks good)How to create a play zone at your place (that looks good)
If you are over 50, you may not have young children underfoot any more, but you still get them visiting – whether they are nieces and nephews, grandchildren or family friends. Here’s how to keep them occupied, without ruining your décor
charitySix ways to help a charity
Many of us like to give something back by supporting charities, but it doesn’t always mean having to give financially. Here are six ways you can make a difference

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