Television host Tracy Grimshaw has revealed the reason why she hasn't been on the air for the last two weeks.

The Channel 9 and A Current Affair host revealed the painful reason as she posted a photo of her leg in a moon boot to Instagram.

She jokingly asked “does my foot look big in this?” before revealing the cause of her injury.

“Took last week off to have a birthday and ended up seeing a physio about limpy left ankle that wasn't getting better after weeks,” she wrote.

“Found out today fractured so that explains why so ouchy.”

She confirmed in an article for 9 Now that she unknowingly walked around with the fracture for three weeks while recovering from knee surgery.

“The knee didn't get much better (duh) and one day it gave out as I stepped up an embankment at home and I fell and broke my foot,” she wrote.

“Except I didn't want the foot to be broken and I reasoned it couldn't be broken because I could still walk on it. So I dopily limped around – for three weeks – before finally getting an X-ray.”

Fans headed to the comment section to give their well wishes.

'Gracious, take care Tracy, see you back at 7 pm soon,” one user wrote.

“Gotta love the moonboot, fond memories, not,” another joked.

“Enjoy your time off as best you can.”

This article originally appeared on Over60.