If you’re browsing late at night on your computer desktop, it can be a bit disconcerting to open up a tab and be blinded by the complete brightness and whiteness of your webpages.

Luckily, due to modern technology, there is a web browser extension designed specifically to get rid of this problem.

As browsing webpages that are incredibly bright in a darkened room can cause eye strain, this web browser aims to eliminate this issue. 

It’s called Dark Reader and is available for free across a range of web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Dark modes are available across a range of operating systems, apps and websites, so it makes sense that an application would be designed to ease eye strain across all websites. 

However, be wary of sites loading slower or crashing as the extension processes and changes the sites original colours into dark mode colours.

 You are able to turn off the Dark Reader extension for specific sites, as well as toggle between light and dark mode.

This is how the app looks below on Google Chrome. From this list, you’re able to toggle the extension, as well as change the mode, choose what goes into the site list and change the contrast.

However, if you have any questions, the FAQ section is bound to help you out.

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This article was written in partnership with Over60.