Former TV legend Delvene Delaney has spoken about the horrors of finding her young grandchildren floating on a mattress in flood waters.

Parts of south-east Queensland and northern NSW were impacted greatly by torrential rain which saw some towns underwater.

The 70-year-old former soap actress recalled the distressing moment she saw her grandsons floating on a mattress after their father’s home in Mullumbimby, a town in the Byron Shire,  dipped under from the deluge.

“I had to placate my two little grandsons, six and eight, from the trauma of being found on a floating mattress in the middle of the night in Mullumbimby as their dad’s house went under,” she told Nine Honey.

“My daughter was stranded in Murwillumbah for five days with no contact, we had no telephones, no internet.

“So it was the fear of not knowing where everybody was and how safe they were that I’m sure was felt by all people in this area, not just those affected.”

Despite the horrors of the floods, she commended people from all over for getting together and supporting one another.

A television flood appeal by the Australian Red Cross raised more than $25 million for victims in NSW and Queensland, as communities slowly begin to clean up.

Image: Nine Honey

This article first appeared on OverSixty.