Downton Abbey and Poldark fans will love this lavish new costume drama which recalls the early life of one of history’s greatest monarchs.

With cinematic production values and an ensemble cast of award-winning talent, Victoria is a story of passionate affairs, power struggles and unrequited love.

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Jenna Colman, pictured here with Rufus Sewell as Lord Melbourne, stars as a young Queen Victoria

The multi-series draws on real-life events and the Queen’s own exhaustive diaries to paint a vivid portrait of her transformation from an impulsive 18-year-old to her early years as wife, mother and head of a global empire.

A saga of interlocking circles stretches from the upper echelons of the royal court to the below-stairs staff and at the centre of which stands the new Queen – a strong, complex and wilful woman who must, somehow, become an enduring icon.

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The British TV series follows the story of the young Queen from when she takes the crown at 18

Victoria: Season 1 is available on DVD and Blu-ray from December 21.

The giveaway to win a copy of the first season has ended.

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