Viewers have been left disappointed with the reboot of Kath and Kim after months of promoting the return of the Aussie show.

Kath & Kim: Our Effluent Life aired on Channel 7 on November 20 with fans gearing up for the show’s exciting 20th anniversary.

However, within minutes of the show airing, social media was flooded with messages of “disappointment” because only 10 minutes of new footage was aired.

“Well this is disappointing. I thought it was a new episode #KathandKim,” someone wrote.

“This episode is like watching the bonus content you get when you buy a special edition DVD from Sanity #kathandkim #oureffluentlife,” another commented.

“Anyone else feeling cheated that we’re not getting a whole new episode,” another wrote.

The 20th anniversary reboot, which showed never-before-seen bloopers and moments from the previous seasons, went on for 74 minutes.

There were special appearances from Kylie Minogue, Michael Bublé, Adam Gilchrist, Ricky Ponting, Eric Bana, Mick Molloy, Tony Martin, Richard E Grant, Barry Humphries, and Julia Gillard.

Channel 7 did make it clear however that the show will only include around 10 minutes of new footage.

Avid fans defended the screening, pointing out that it was evident from the beginning that the 20th anniversary episode would not be something new.

“The only people complaining about #kathandkim are the ones who chose not to read anything about it prior to tonight. It was never advertised as a new episode. It was always going to be a celebration of the show’s history,” someone pointed out.

“I feel like I’m the only person in Australia who picked up this was going to be a greatest hits/behind the scenes special, not a brand new episode #kathandkim,” another wrote.

“If you are one of the morons complaining about the #kathandkim retrospective, if you had half a brain you’d be dangerous. It was always promoted and advertised as a retrospective, it’s not their problem you’re dumb,” someone else commented.

Despite all the anger, 786,000 Aussies tuned in to watch the show.

Image: Channel 7

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