Patsy Stone and Edina 'Eddy' Monsoon are back and more outrageous than ever in this sneak peak movie version of the classic comedy Absolutely Fabulous.

We laughed along with them during two hilarious tv seasons and a handful of specials. Now the duo, who were recently named one of Rolling Stones 50 Best Duos of All Time, are back with their unadulterated booze-swilling, chain-smoking, and coke-snorting.

Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley shine alongside stars such as John Hamm and Stella McCartney
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Eddy bemoans she is “now officially fatter sideways than I am front on”, but of course we still think she looks, well, fabulous!

These outragous cohorts are on the run after Patsy exclaims, “You’ve killed Kate Moss!” and they escape to France as fugitives the fun really takes off.

Absolutely Fabulous: The movie opens across Australia on August 4 2016.

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