Cassandra Thorburn has had a lot of time for reflection as she looks forward to celebrating turning 50 this week.

“I don’t get how anyone could dread turning 50 – there’s so much to look forward to, and so many wonderful memories to reflect on. I’m grateful for my life and the direction it has taken,” Cass explained.

The thriving mum-of-three is also not interested in looking back on the past.

This is particularly fitting as it’s almost five years since her ex-husband of 21 years, Karl Stefanovic, left her and their family.

“You reach the stage when clarity becomes the norm, your children are thriving, and you feel within yourself a tremendous sense of pride,” she says.

“I’ve made our new house I bought over a year ago into a warm family home. The next life chapters, personally and professionally, are going to set me up for the next 20 years. I’ve got a very robust sense of peace and well-being.”

Cass, despite a brief stint on Dancing With The Stars, has knuckled down as a Media and Communications Specialist for Taldumande Youth Services, which is an organisation that supports vulnerable and homeless children in greater Sydney.

“I love working with young people, and I continue to work part-time with Taldumande,” she told to Woman’s Day.

But I knew my true calling for my long-term future was to immerse myself in the aged care sector – it’s something I considered even before I was married,” Cass explains.

“I’ve always been very family focused. I think it was a culmination of my dad passing away, and the real challenges faced this past year that saw many of our elderly folk isolated. I haven’t seen my mum in country Victoria for over a year,” she says, wiping away a tear.

The intense family focus is what helped Cass decide to help out some of Australia’s most vulnerable residents.

“I’m currently employed in low care and will make a decision if I go into high care, or go back to full-time university to become a nurse,” she explained.

“I’m studying a series of short courses focusing on dementia, an area close to my heart after my nana Marie battled Alzheimer’s for over 20 years.

“Turning 50, I’ve had a lot of time to contemplate, and I truly believe I’ve found my place.

“If this is fifty and fabulous, then I’m in!”

This article originally appeared on Over60.