Amanda Muggleton has most recently been seen on stage in Hairspray – The Big Fat Arena Spectacular (with shows coming up in Perth) and in the live show The Bookclub.

This 60-something English actress is still having a great time acting. Fans still remember from when she did ‘hard time’ as her beloved character Chrissie Latham at the Wentworth Detention Centre in Prisoner: Cell Block H.

This vivacious actress emigrated to Australia in 1974 when she came out with an English Theatre Company and considers herself a true blue local. She says, “I became an Aussie in the early 1980’s. I’ve got my passport and everything!”

Q. What do you love about the live show Hairspray you have been in this year?
It’s set in the 60’s – the best music in the world. It was the renaissance. An explosion of music and art. My favourite songs in the show are my ones … 'Miss Baltimore Crabs'  and 'The Big Doll House' … and also the fabulous finale 'You Can’t Stop the Beat'.

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Amanda in her Hairspray costume (Image: Facebook / Amanda Muggleton)

Q. What is it like being a working actress?
It’s very hard work and it never gets easier. You have to prove yourself every time you go on stage, no matter how famous you are or how much work you do.

Q. What have been the highs and lows of your career?
High was playing Maria Callas in Masterclass. The low parts are being out of work.

Q. How did you get the role as Chrissie Latham on Prisoner?
I actually gatecrashed the auditions because I wanted to work on TV.

Q. What was it like working on Prisoner? (from 1979-1983).
Fantastic! It was the best fun and a great learning curve. Scripts would change on a whim and you had to know what you were doing. It was very fast and you had to be very quick on your feet.

What was your favourite scene on Prisoner: Cell Block H?

Q. Do people still ask you about your time on Prisoner? 
All the time. I am still recognised here and in England. My fondest memories from that time was being on a float in the Moomba Festival and going to England to do a major tour called 'On the Outside' with Val Lehman, Carol Burns and Sheila Florence. And I am so incredible sad that both Carol and Sheila have passed away … far too soon.

Q. You had guest roles in TV shows including A Country Practice and Cop Shop. What was it like working on tv during this time?
I was recently in a show in Sydney called The Book Club and shared a dressing room with Anne Tenney (Molly). I also see Paula Duncan quite regularly.

Q. Were you really in Mad Max as a ‘bikers moll'
I was! I played the Toe-Cutters woman.

Q Is it true you can pilot single-engine planes – how and why did you become interested in that.
Yes! I was going out with a man who had his own plane and it seemed the right thing to do – seeing as I’m an air sign (Libran).

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Amanda with her “favourite man in the world', Harry! (Image: Facebook / Amanda Muggleton)

Q. Do you have a regular exercise routine?
I walk my dog Harry twice a day and I do Zoomba and Yoga.

Q. Do you have a good beauty tip?
Lots of sleep and water.

Q. Where are you based in Australia and what hobbies do you like to do? 
I live in Sydney and I have very small balcony but it’s full of plants and as mentioned I do Yoga!

Q. Who do you live with?
I live with my favourite man in the world – Harry, my dog.

Q You played Bette Davis in a one-woman show Me & Jezebel. What was it like playing such an iconic screen legend?
All I remember about one woman shows is how much hard work they are. You have no-one to share the workload with!

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Amanda will play Velma Von Tussle in the Perth Hairspray shows (Image: Nick Morrissey)

To keep up with Amanda’s latest performances visit her website. Buy tickets to the Adelaide HairSpray Arena Spectacular at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre for three shows only from 14th to 15th October 2016 (Muggleton will not appear in the Adelaide shows).

Or the Perth HBF Stadium HairSpray Arena Spectacular for three shows only from 20-22nd January 2017 starring Amanda Muggleton. Tickets are onsale now for both here.

What are you favourite memories from the TV show Prisoner? Let us know in the comments section below.

(Feature image: Facebook / Amanda Muggleton)

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