Did you know koalas can swim? We didn’t either! 

These lucky onlookers had no idea they were about to witness when this cute koalas on North Stradbroke Island showed tree climbing, running and swimming was on the agenda for the day.    

Koala -swim -beach -wyza -com -au

This young fellow was actually running up and down the beach, and playing around the kids like a puppy. 

Koala -swim -playing -pat -wyza -com -au

Then, he decides to go into the water for a tub! 

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Koala -swim -bathtimewyza -com -au

Koala -swim -bath -wyza -com -au

Onlookers reported the little fella went about 20m into the sea, swam around for a good half hour fascinating onlookers, before coming back to the beach. 

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Koala -swim -playful -wyza -com -au

The cute little fella took a while to recover from his swim. Be aware that although koalas can swim, if there is no assisted way for them to climb or get out they will drown

We have never heard of or seen this behaviour before: a koala who likes to ‘play’ with humans,  and swim in the ocean. Unbelievable stuff. 

This koala swims across the creek to hop in the canoe. A once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity!

Patricia, a WYZA® reader from Queensland sent in these cute photos. Please send us your favourite animal images and clips to: or join the conversation below.