An ALDI shopper has warned other customers to be careful when purchasing one of the store’s most popular cleaning products.

The concerned mother claims the child-proof lid on ALDI’s Power Force Pro Thick Bleach is a major child safety issue as it “disintegrates and falls apart”

The Aussie mum says it is not the first time she has had an issue with the “dangerous” problem.

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An ALDI spokesperson told they were concerned by the customer’s experience, adding they had not received any complaints in the last six months about the product.

“This is the third ALDI bleach that this has happened with,” she wrote on the Aldi Mums page.

“Three years ago I took the complaint to the head office. Handed over the bleach at the store and was given a replacement.

“It happened with the replacement too.

“I notified ALDI head office again, but they were not too interested. In the meantime, I bought other brands and now I have an ALDI one again. The child lock on these bottles disintegrates and falls apart.

“It is very dangerous. I love ALDI but their lack of concern over the safety of a dangerous item bothers me.”

Other shoppers took to the comments to share their own experience with the product, with many claiming the same thing has happened to them in the past.

“I have had two bottles that this has happened to,” one person wrote.

Another said: “This always happens to me, I thought I was just rough and clumsy.”

“I just thought it was me. What’s the point of the child lock?” a third comment read.

An ALDI spokesperson says they will be investigating the issue further.

“We are always concerned to hear if a customer has experienced issues with one of our products,” the spokesperson said.

“We can confirm we have not received any complaints of a similar nature in the past six months. We encourage the customer to contact ALDI directly and return the product to store so we can thoroughly investigate the issue.”

This article originally appeared on Over60.