Bunnings Warehouse are “offering support” after a small dog was brutally attacked by an allegedly unrestrained pit bull in the middle of a Brisbane store.

Eyewitnesses and staff were left visibly shaken as they were forced to watch the animal without a muzzle or restraint, kill a fluffy white dog.

Those who looked on at the Stafford warehouse told NCA NewsWire that staff members had to repeatedly ask the owner of the larger dog to restrain his animal in the store on Sunday before the actual incident occurred.

After the incident, the owner of the pit bull allegedly fled, however his number plate was recorded.

Peter Male said he had become “so distressed” he had to walk away.

“I saw a big brown pit bull-looking dog holding onto a small fluffy brown dog by the neck. The small dog was not moving at all… it was just a limp body,” he said.

“The owner of the pit bull was punching his dog in the mouth telling it to let go continuously but this dog was not restrained at all. No muzzle, no lead on it.

“I didn’t see how they got them separated or what either dog looked like after but I did see a lot of blood they were washing away on my way out.”

The smaller dog was rushed to an emergency vet nearby, however it is believed the tiny animal did not make it.

Pet Emergency Stafford told NCA NewsWire due to the “sensitivity of the issue” they could not provide any further comment.

Patrick Blair, Bunnings Area Manager, said the incident had been “unfortunate.”

“Our team acted quickly to remind the owner of our store guidelines before they entered the store,” he said.

“We have been in touch with the other owner to offer support and our thoughts are with them.

“We thank our team for the calm and professional way that they handled the situation.”

Shoppers described staff as being “visibly shaken” after the incident.

Bunnings allow dogs into stores, as long as they are “friendly” and the owners comply with the rules.

Bunnings asks that all animals are secured safely in a vehicle or trolley, or on a lead and wearing a muzzle.

This article originally appeared on Over60.