Sophie Delezio captured the hearts of Australia as she is a young burns victim who survived two horrific car crashes before the age of six.

She was only two-years-old when she was left with horrific burns after becoming trapped under a car that collided into a daycare centre in Sydney.

Despite Sophie losing both feet, an ear and many of her fingers as well as having burns to 85 percent of her body, she remained positive despite her traumas.

Disaster struck again in 2006 as she was thrown 18 metres from her wheelchair at a pedestrian crossing.

The second incident left her with a broken jaw, collarbone, nine fractured ribs, punctured lungs, two fractured vertebrae and a brain injury.

She revealed how she's remained grateful to Anh's Brush With Fame.

“Everything you go through there is always going to be some positive even though you might not see it at the time,” she explained.

“My parents at the time of the accident, all they could see was what was the horror of what was happening at the time… and it was horrible. But look at how much positivity it has brought.

“Everything is a choice. You can choose not to see the positive in things. You can choose to just focus on the negatives and wallow in pity.

“Everyone is allowed to grieve but you also need to look at the beauty in the world.”

Her father, Ron, is proud of her beyond words.

“She has had to be determined and strong all her life. After everything that she has endured in the past 15 years, her just being alive is a testament to how determined she really is.

“She has had a plan to live overseas for at least a couple of years and she's been quietly working toward that goal the entire time.”

Sophie believes that there is always a positive side to every situation.

“I went through a lot and I've suffered a lot. I've been in pain and it's horrible but I've got to look at all the joy that has happened,” she said.

This article originally appeared on Over60.