Veteran Getaway host Catriona Rowntree has revealed the tragic news of her older sister Lucinda Wunderlich being diagnosed with stage four cancer.

Catriona took to Instagram to celebrate Lucinda’s birthday, sharing an emotional post about her sister’s health battle.

The beloved TV presenter revealed her sister’s cancer was “apparently incurable” and that a GoFundMe campaign had been launched to help pay for her living expenses.

Lucinda, a mum of four, had to quit her job as a schoolteacher in Sydney’s Upper North Shore after receiving the heartbreaking diagnosis.

Catriona began her Instagram post with a tribute to “blonde beauty” Lucinda, describing her as a “true gem” whose “smile and laugh warms everyone’s heart”.

The Getaway star also recalled how her sister “never caused her parents an ounce of worry” as a child, and that she didn’t suffer “boyfriend dramas” as she married her childhood sweetheart Johnno.

“I’m trying so hard to choose my words carefully here, other than to say a lot of tears have been shed – but Lucinda is fighting and positive. We all are.” Catriona said about her sister’s diagnosis.

“She has started chemo (sheer hell) and immunotherapy (our bright light) at Royal North Shore Hospital. Lucinda is now unable to work as she commits to the fight of her life. Her girlfriends have created a GoFundMe page to ease the household stress and I’ve asked her permission to share this with you,” she continued.

Catriona also revealed that Lucinda is the “first to be placed on a new medical trial” that may not save her life but could help others battling with cancer in the future.

She concluded her post with a heartfelt message, “Trust me when I say to live your life to the absolute max.”

“None of us knows what each moment holds for us and please say a little prayer for Lucinda tonight. Thank you.”

Catriona is the youngest of four siblings, with one brother Andrew and two sisters Lucinda and Marisa.

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