Chrissie Swan has taken to social media to share her impressive sobriety milestone.

Having gone over 600 days without alcohol, the TV and radio host revealed it’s been a year and eight months since she gave up the booze in a bid to ease her anxiety.

Since giving up alcohol, Chrissie has completely transformed both her lifestyle and health, down 90kg by simply picking up healthy habits – which include daily walks and changing her food choices.

“Seem to be getting a lot of messages checking on whether I’ve taken up booze again”, she wrote on Instagram. “I haven’t! 643 since my last tipple! Thanks for asking!” She added.

Speaking on The Project in October of 2021, she said she was reliant on alcohol to deal with the stress of the Covid lockdowns.

Giving up drinking “was a decision I made for myself after giving it a fair nudge in the first lockdown last year”, she said at the time.

Chrissie has drastically transformed her physique over the last year, citing a new diet, daily walks and sobriety as the secret behind it all.

She briefly touched on her weight loss in an interview with The Australian Women’s Weekly earlier in the year, saying the lifestyle changes she’d made over the last year had improved her life in so many ways.

Image: Instagram

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