A Queensland man has defended his decision to travel from Australia to New Zealand after being tested for coronavirus.

Andre Reynaud, 69, voluntarily took the test for COVID-19 at a Townsville GP on Thursday after returning from France.

Reynaud and wife Jane then flew to New Zealand on Friday morning. Not long after arriving in Wellington, and while having breakfast at Milk Crate café, Reynaud was informed he had contracted the virus.

In a joint statement shared on the Ann Roberts School of Dance, the couple said Reynaud had followed direction from authorities.

“While away Andre had read recommendations from authorities advising that it was possible to voluntarily report for virus testing following international travel and he did so almost immediately,” the statement read.

“Given that he was completely asymptomatic he had no expectation that the result would be positive.”

Reynaud said he and his wife decided to fly to Wellington as planned because there had been no requirements for international arrivals to self-isolate at the time.

“Our decision to travel to New Zealand was made with the best of intentions and with the best information available in Australia or New Zealand before we departed,” the statement read, noting that mandatory self-isolation only came into effect in both countries on the weekend.

“Had these restrictions been in place or had Andre had any idea that he was carrying the disease, despite feeling fit and well, we would not have travelled.”

Reynaud was the first confirmed coronavirus case in Wellington. The couple and their daughter Isabelle are currently under self-isolation in the city.

The café and its neighbouring gallery Precinct 35 announced they will be closed indefinitely.

This article originally appeared on Over60.