Personal trainer Lesley Maxwell, who is in her late 50s, answers the top questions 50+ clients want to know. Anne from Brisbane asked if it is possible to firm up ‘chicken wing’ arms and if so, how?

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How do I firm my flabby arms?
Flabby arms for women is really common as many women simply never train them. I get asked about how to firm soft and flabby arms by most women as our arms are the first place to show lack of firmness and accumulate soft body fat.

The simple reason for this is because we never use our triceps unless we actually use specific exercises that targets the back of your arms (triceps). 

Linsey advises doing some tricep dips at home to help tone your arms

The only movement that specifically targets your triceps are the ‘push’ movement such as push ups. Other triceps exercises include triceps dips which can be done at home.

Push ups are a fantastic chest and triceps workout and can be done even in your own home. Start with ‘wall push ups’ and when you have mastered these do ‘incline push ups’ on a bench or even your sofa. The next step is ‘half push ups’ followed by full push ups. 

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If you can't do full push-ups on your toes, you can use your knees to start off

I was once training a woman who said her soft triceps were hereditary as her mother also had soft and flabby arms. When I asked if she had ever exercised her arms she informed me ‘not for 25 years’. Then I asked if her mother had ever trained her arms and she said ‘no… never!’ Our amazing body will always respond whatever age we are as soon as we make some changes with our diet and exercise.

A simple triceps and chest workout would be:

3 x 10 push ups
3 x 10 dumbbell chest press
3 x 10 triceps dips
3 x 10 triceps kickbacks

Start at your own level and use weights that allow you to do 10 reps finding the last 2 or 3 challenging.

Note: Always speak with your health professional before making any changes to your diet, exercise and health regimen.

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