Friends star Jennifer Aniston is no stranger to dipping her toes into the wide world of fitness, with everything from pilates to boxing under her belt, and has now taken the opportunity to share her latest passion with her followers.

After injuring her back in 2021, Aniston discovered a new exercise program that she believes to be a much more sustainable regime for people in their 50s, like herself, than typical workout routines.

“Our minds used to think ‘we have to hurt, no pain, no gain’,” she told People. “It has to be an hour of a workout. You have to work out three times a day. With this, you can start gentle.”

She then explained that one of her close friends had tried it out, and that “it just had such a beautiful snowball effect in so many positive areas of her life.”

According to Aniston, she had chosen to partner with Pvolve – the company behind the routine – because she believed in their mission so much that she wanted everyone else to know about it, “especially as we get into our lovely older periods, we have to keep it exciting. And we have to be kinder to our bodies.”

The new program sees Aniston incorporate the likes of functional movement and resistance-based training to strengthen, sculpt, and restore her body, though she hasn’t turned her back on her previous endeavours, either.

“I have hung up the 45 minutes of cardio, [and] the aggressive CrossFits,” she explained, after sharing that she does still enjoy hiking and Pilates. “That didn’t – for me- work. And I think for longevity and something that is sustainable and you don’t burn out, this just has worked for me.”

She had a few other tips to share, too, drawn from her understanding that wellness comes “down to simplicity”.

“It’s just calories in, calories out, nutrition, what are you feeding your body?” she said. “Don’t eat crap. You’ve got to get the right amount of sleep. You’ve got to drink tons and tons and tons of water. You also have to give yourself the 20 per cent of fun and gluttony and have a good time and indulge.”

As for the days when working out feels like too much, she explained that she does the best thing she can for herself – she takes a day off.

However, she still stressed the importance of taking care of her body, especially as it continues to evolve with passing years.

“I like to take care of myself because watching our parents’ or different generations’ bodies just break and fail them because they didn’t feed and strengthen them,” she explained.

“How many times have you heard about older people falling and breaking a hip? Because they have no balance, they have no core, their muscle mass is zilch. And that decreases as we get older. So you have to keep it up. But by also doing something that you’re not dreading or intimidated by. And that’s why I love this.”

She expanded on this while speaking to Well + Good, noting that “balance is one thing we need, especially when we’re older; our core is extremely important; our bones get brittle, so we have to keep our bone health strong.

“Pvolve addresses all of those little micro muscles that are ignored most of the time when you’re doing these big, exhausting runs or going to spin classes or doing CrossFit or whatever the fad is. These are all great methods, but … eventually, over time, the body and the joints can only take so much. And Pvolve is about keeping our bodies moving so that we’re thriving, not crumbling and shrinking.”

And as she also confessed, her new routine is the perfect fit to back her up in her mission to age powerfully, as “it’s not intimidating, and I do not dread it – I look forward to it. It’s so good and kind to the body.”

Images: Instagram

This article first appeared on Over60.