Radio presenter Jackie ‘O’ Henderson has revealed her ex-husband, Lee, suffered an adverse reaction to his second Pfizer vaccine shot.

Henderson explained on Friday’s Kyle and Jackie O Show that Lee had experienced the same complication as Seven News reporter Denham Hitchcock, who was hospitalised last month with pericarditis – a rare condition when the sac-like tissue surrounding the heart becomes inflamed.

Lee, a photographer from England, has not commented on his condition, but Henderson told NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian he’d been hospitalised and was ‘in a bad way’.

‘You’d be aware what has happened to Denham Hitchcock, and my ex-husband has had the same thing. He’s been in hospital and really, really in a bad way after the second Pfizer,’ she said.

Henderson added that it was ‘up to [Lee] to report’ his adverse reaction to the Covid-19 vaccine because the hospital doesn’t automatically do it. Berejiklian, who was a guest on the KIIS FM breakfast show, said she wasn’t aware of Lee’s condition but emphasised that health authorities do put out a statement whenever someone has an adverse reaction to the jab.

Henderson, who received the AstraZeneca vaccine, acknowledged that in many cases doctors aren’t ‘a hundred per cent sure’ pericarditis is caused by the jab.

She also stressed that she is ‘pro-vax’.

The former couple, who share 10-year-old daughter Kitty, amicably separated in late 2018 and are understood to have recently finalised their divorce.

Lee is not believed to have any underlying health conditions. He is a martial arts enthusiast who is known to keep fit and active.

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This article first appeared on Over60.