Lisa Curry continues to struggle with the death of her daughter Jaimi Kenny.

The former Australian Olympian described her daily pain in an emotional tribute to Jaimi on Instagram.

“Our Jaimi. My brain has thoughts and conversations that my mouth can’t say. It’s hard to talk about the pain and fear that is felt daily… life goes on,” Curry wrote, accompanied by a selfie of the pair.

“People say you get stronger… You don’t. You just learn to hide it better. It saddens me greatly that life goes on without Jaimi… constantly stopping to remember that she’s not here.”

Curry has been open about her grief following her Jaimi’s death from long-term illness in September last year. Recently, Curry shared touching photos to mark six months since her daughter’s passing.

“If YOU are struggling… and living in a way that is on the road to the inevitable… I hope by reading this, you can feel the pain of the people left behind,” she continued.

“I know you would say it’s not about us… and it’s not .. but I hope you can understand, know and feel how loved you truly are, and that living life, and not just existing, is worth it.”

She concluded, “Keep fighting and don’t give up. Where there is life there is hope. Life is so precious and there’s so much to look forward to. Jaimi was so loved and is so missed. We hide our tears when we say her name, but the pain in our hearts is still the same. Remembering our Jaimi.”

Fans shared messages of support and commiseration over the loss of their own family members, while praising her eloquent message.“Beautifully written Lisa. Sending you strength,” commented one.

“So so sad. I hope your post makes a difference to someone out there,” another wrote.

Curry and former Iron Man champion Grant Kenny welcomed three children during their marriage, which ended in 2009: Jaimi, Morgan, 30, and son Jett, 26.

This article originally appeared on Over60.