Lisa Wilkinson has delivered a brilliant response to an anti-vaxxer who decided to leave a comment on The Project host’s Instagram page.

The 61-year-old TV personality shared with fans on Tuesday that she had received the AstraZeneca vaccine and “literally didn’t feel a thing”.

“So glad to finally have the first one out of the way,” Lisa wrote.

While many people supported Lisa for her post, one woman couldn’t hold back a sarcastic retort, saying: “I thought you were a smart woman,” alongside a series of laughing faces.

Lisa didn’t take the comment lightly and thanked the woman for her concern, but assured her she is indeed a smart woman.

“Trolling another woman for making well-researched, informed choices about the health of her own body, and doing my bit to help reduce the risk of this pandemic spreading any more easily or lethally than it already is in the community is MY choice,” Lisa went on to say.

“Whatever choice you want to make is your business.”

Lisa further took a moment to inform the woman that “if you choose to remain unvaccinated and you get the Delta variant, I wish you and all your loved ones, and particularly and of your elderly loved ones – or any poor person you happen to pass in the street- good luck.”

Lisa also revealed in her latest upload that her husband, Peter FitzSimons, 59, had gotten his second shot of the vaccine alongside his wife.

“I have to admit, I was a tiny bit nervous, so I bought one of those tubs of Magnum ice-cream (that well known medical cure-all) this afternoon just in case I was feeling bad tonight. I feel great. I ate the ice-cream anyway…,” Lisa said.

“Meantime, here’s to life getting back to normal (and Magnum ice-cream!!).”

Lisa isn’t the only co-host from The Project to cop worrying comments online from anti-vaxxers.

Earlier this month, Carrie Bickmore took to Instagram to share that she had gotten the COVID-19 vaccine.

However, the TV star quickly turned her comment section off after she received considerable backlash from anti-vaxxers who accused her of “passive coercion” and “virtue signalling.”This article originally appeared on Over60.